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Creating Your Own Lifestyle

From productivity, habit hacking, the 80/20 Rule, and creating businesses, these people illustrate the concepts very clearly and inspiringly. 

Attaining Financial Freedom and Independence

Financial freedom is building enough income for yourself so you can have the choice to not work and still have your daily expenses covered. It also includes being able to buy anything you like, anytime you want. It just so happens that attaining financial freedom is not all about saving pennies or winning the lottery but also about adopting a certain kind of mentality.

Creating Your Own Internet Business

The key to achieving the kind of lifestyle you want relies on your ability to create value for others and scaling that value to many people. If you create the best, valuable content and/or services for people, but no one is there to take advantage of it, you have not done a very good job at promoting or scaling your business. Creating a lasting, successful, and profitable business requires you creating lot's of value for as many people as you can.

Inspirational, Motivational, and Life-Changing

These provide insights into life that you may not have noticed before. James Altucher has lost and made millions from scratch multiple times, while Anthony Robbins focuses on determining what makes the difference of quality in the lives of people. For example, he answers the question: how can 2 brothers, born to a jail-ridden, drug-abusive, alcoholic, lead 2 separate lives, one with a nice, successful family and job, while the other follows the same path as his father and ends up in jail? This is a list of inspirational people and bloggers who talk about personal development.

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