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How to Get Rich Part 0 of 3

Getting rich is not all about investing in stocks and bonds, creating businesses, and selling. It may include all of those things, but there is another deeper world in getting rich. If you Google the term, "How to Get Rich," you will find 1.2 billion results telling you how to save, cut expenses, and a whole lot of various ways to get rich.

However, there are very few that actually show you how to get rich. Very few show you the technique, the strategies, and the way to get rich. There is a certain way to get rich, and you won't be able to find it unless you are seriously committed and actively looking for it.

There are numerous resources, books, websites, and information on this topic. You just won't be able to find them unless you are actually committed to getting rich.

Here are the top resources I recommend for this topic:

This tutorial is going to be about my explanation about getting rich. I have split it into 3 parts.
  1. How to WANT to Get Rich
  2. The Most Popular and Quickest Way to Getting Rich
  3. How to Overcome the Psychological Barriers That Are Keeping You From Getting Rich
I will be making a post on each of the 3 parts of the series over the next 3 days, so stay tuned.

Firstly, I want to talk about getting rich. I have read all of the resources mentioned above, and I highly recommend them, for they will vastly open up your mind about getting rich. 

Getting rich is not all about saving, cutting expenses, and investing in your retirement fund, or 401k, or whatever. Sure, all of those things may help you to get rich one day, but they will not get you to a high level of wealth fast. All of those usually take years before you will start to see some progress.

Also, getting rich is not bad at all. In fact, it is the opposite. Getting rich will allow you to buy all the things you want and need, so that you can even more expand your life in the areas of your mind, body, and soul (taken from The Science of Getting Rich). 

Although I stole that from the book, I highly agree with it. Getting rich has that connotative meaning of being evil, greedy, and manipulative. But you can choose to see it in another light. Getting rich allows you to attain freedom. 
  • You don't have to worry about money when buying things you want and need
  • You don't have to work extremely hard with long hours in order to just "get by"
  • You can focus your time and energy and providing value for other people
  • You can focus your time and energy and more important things, like
    • spending time with your family and friends,
    • creating things that could change other people's lives,
    • and more.
When you're poor, you won't have that freedom to buy the things you need in order to make your life more fulfilling and satisfied. You won't be put in a more advantageous situation in which you can use your skills and passion for more people. You won't be able to make a difference in the world or change someone's life. 

I have this question, and every time I ask it to myself, I instantly get put into a state of humility. However, I still really love this question, because it helps me to focus on what really matters in life. 

The question to ask yourself is:

(Your name here)... You're about to die and leave this world. What have you done to make this world or someone else's life better?
After I ask myself that question, I instantly flashback to all of the moments of my past and try to find things that I have done to help someone or something else. When I found that it was nothing, I got emotional and very inspired to create something - anything that could help further help someone's life.

So anyway, getting rich is not about being greedy, evil, nor manipulative. Sure, it may make some people those things in their quest for money, but that's those people. More money will only make more of who you are.

So if, inherently, you are an evil, greedy, manipulative person, then more money will only make you more evil, greedy, and manipulative. On the other hand, if you are an honest, hard working, good person, then more money will make you more of that.

Why is that? It's because more money gives you more freedom. Imagine you have all the freedom in the world. You have enough money to buy as much of anything as you want. You can go anywhere and do anything. What would you do?

If you were the bad person mentioned previously, more money would give you the freedom to do more of those evil things. If you were the inherently good person, more money would give you the freedom to become more kind, caring, hardworking, and honest.

So getting rich is not a bad thing. It's only bad if you make it bad, and it will be good if you make it good. Because of the negative connotative meaning of "getting rich," I like to call it more along the lines of "getting wealthy," so you may hear me refer to it as that.

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  1. How to WANT to Get Rich
  2. The Most Popular and Quickest Way to Getting Rich
  3. How to Overcome the Psychological Barriers That Are Keeping You From Getting Rich
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