Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Get Rich Part 2 of 3: The Most Popular and Quickest Way to Getting Rich

The most popular and quickest way to getting rich is by creating a business on the internet.

That may seem so overwhelming and technical to you... You may be thinking...

  • I don't know how to program, code, or create websites!
  • I don't know how I could create a business online!
But fear not. Creating a business online is probably one of the most lucrative and simplest way to getting rich.

However, do not misread what I have said. It's not going to be easy. It is popular, quick, and simple, at times, but it's not easy. Creating a business online is just the same as creating a business offline. There's just more potential to grow and reach more people online. 

Here are some GREAT free resources for creating a business online:

  • Smartpassiveincome.com - Pat Flynn is the founder of SPI, and he provides excellent information, guides, and inspirational experiments about creating businesses online.
  • Paidtoexist.com - Paid to Exist gives you inspiration and help in starting your own business.
  • Empireflippers.com - The people at Empire Flippers have created multiple "niche" websites that bring in their profits. They also teach you how to do the same. Sign up for their newsletter, and you can get their ultimate guide to building a niche website empire for free.
  • Nichepursuits.com - Spencer Haws at Niche Pursuits also creates niche websites.

What are niche websites?

"Niche websites" are websites that focuses on specific information that are both useful and interesting for the audience. Creating niche websites is a great business, because...

  • there is low competition
  • there is a high demand.
But of course, the success of a niche website all depends on something called keyword research.

Keyword research is the act of finding great and profitable keywords. Keywords are the things that people search for on major search engines. Google is the main player here, so when talking about keyword research, all the data and information is mostly talked about is associated with the Google search engine.

The most used keyword research tool is Google's Keyword Planner.

The realm of niche websites is quite large and it includes many things ranging from setting up websites, creating content for the websites, monetizing the sites, to getting traffic. Talking about niche websites is outside the scope of this article, but you can find more information about niche websites here.

Internet Business

For some great resources, you can check out this post, 20 Ways to Make Money Online, and it'll tell you different ways to make money online and how much time, money, and energy you can expect to spend on each different method.

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  1. Thanks for the Empire Flippers mention - you definitely have us in good company! :-)

    1. No problem Justin! Great website you have there :)